We offer solutions for transportation and logistics that are designed to make moving freight efficient and easy.

A Full-Service
Tranportation Provider

Whether you’re looking for a trusted partner to ship your freight efficiently or want to be trusted to haul that precious freight, we want to hear from you. Are you seeking for better rate for your shipping need and also would love to have the best service possible? Let’s chat.

Join forces with a group of transportation professionals who can assist you in determining the most effective method of shipping your cargo.
By working for Triumphant Logistics Company as an independent freight agency, you will receive unparalleled support and financial stability.
When you join Triumphant Logistics as a carrier, you will move high-quality freight and get compensated in three to five days with no fees.

Gain Professional Speed With Triumphant

You’ll get the financial stability and wide-ranging industry connections you’re looking for when you work with a reputable transportation company with an outstanding reputation.

Asset Based

Fastest free supports


Dedicated team for customers

3PL Brokerage

On time delivery at 97%

Our Logistic Services

Seek out the logistics and transportation management solutions that deal with the issues that a range of shippers have.

Dry Van

178 assed-based trucks running Canada wide and United Staes.


82 Reefer trailer are serving beverages and meat industies temerature control.

Flatbed & Specialized

Open decks units are serving steel industy for locals and long runs too.

Heavy Haul

Heavy haul under permits is under Triumphant resposibility.


Containers Port to Yard or loaded trailers on long runs, we can do it.

Less Than Truckload

1 pallet to 4 pallets is managed by LTL department what will update you daily.

“The best career decision I have made so far was joining the Triumphant Family. I adore the people and assistance we receive at the home office. We anticipate significant development and a bright future. With a partner like Triumphant Logistics, the sky is the limit.”


“I’ve been working with Triumphant for more than ten years, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the help I receive from everyone at the company. During our time here, I’ve experienced some financial ups and downs, but they have always been there for me and my family. I’ve never been treated like a number by Triumphant. I can’t think of a better organization to be with.”


“About 14 years ago, I switched from another company to Triumphant, and I’ve never looked back. They pay carriers in an industry-leading 3-5 days, with exceptional corporate support, prompt and precise settlement, a leading 250k surety bond, and the best reputation in the business. They also give you a sense of belonging. Simply put, you won’t find a better business to collaborate with.”


Leverage a Reliable Partner

You’ll get the financial stability and wide-ranging industry connections you’re looking for when you work with a reputable tranportation provider with an outstanding reputation.

About Triumphant Logistics

In 2003, Triumphant Logistics Company was founded as a provider of transportation services. We have developed since then to rank among the top transportation providers in North America.

We are a partner that is prepared to offer cutting-edge transportation solutions to address the most difficult issues facing the sector.