Your Freight Agent Career Is Here! Apply Now

Our premier agent program is intended for experienced freight brokerage agents who want to move their business to a reliable, recognized organization that genuinely values the agency model. Join the Triumphant freight brokerage team now, and with our remote office arrangement, you can use your transportation expertise to work from home or wherever you like!

  • Stable: Triumphant Logistics is a firm that has been operating debt-free since 2003.
  • 3-5 day carrier pay: Because we pay you more quickly, carriers choose to transport freight with Triumphant.
  • $250K surety bond: Triumphant is ranked in the top 1% of brokers because to this.
  • Massive carrier base: Triumphant continuously monitors more than 150,000 carriers.

    About Triumphant Logistics

    With Triumphant, you have options! Gain access to the best load boards and other carrier resources, such as the exclusive carrier rating system used by Triumphant. Triumphant accepts the monetary risk as well! Avoid claims, bad debts, and more. Your job is to broker freight, and the rest of the back office work will be taken care of by our skilled administrative personnel.

    Boards for Top Load Included!
    Automated onboarding of carriers provides continuous carrier compliance.
    No back office troubles.
    Dedicated support personnel to assist you in running your business

    By getting in touch with one of Triumphant’s Agency Development Managers directly, you may learn more about beginning a career as a freight agent:

    David Martin – Manager of Regional Agency Development

    800-309-7978 Phone #
    772-276-4849 Cell #
    437-826-2202 Fax #

    Join Triumphant Logistics

    Simply said, Triumphant will help you move more freight. The prospects for shipping freight are limitless because of the access to more than 150,000 carriers and all the best load boards. Apply right away if this seems like the employment opportunity you’ve been seeking for in freight brokerage.