Payment Process

Move quality freight and get paid in three to five days with no fees.

We Pay as Agreed!

,, We at Triumphant Logistics Transportation Company are aware that you, as a carrier, want your services to get paid more quickly. We also comprehend the benefits of quick payments for the thousands of carriers in our network. Because of this, Triumphant has always paid carriers within the industry payment terms.

How Does It Operate?

The quicker the paperwork is submitted to Triumphant, the quicker you will be paid. You can find billing instructions below. So, the necessary documents are delivered to Triumphant immediately and in a high-quality manner.


Quick Payments Available!

If all paperwork submitted to Triumphant today with a note requesting the quick pay, you will get your funds next day.

How You Get Paid

You provide the following documentation:

  • Your invoice
  • Rate confirmation
  • Signed BOL (all pages)
  • Any lumper receipts
  • Other required documents

QuickPay is available at a cost of 7%, you can submit your paperwork to Triumphant Logistics instantly to get paid the next day.

Payment Options

  • ACH (direct deposit)
  • Send a check via USPS, Federal Express ($25 fee) or UPS ($25 fee)
  • Credit card (we pay carriers with Visa)

After all paperwork is received and reviewed, we’ll set your payment to go out within three to five business days.

Get in Touch With Triumphant

If you have questions or need guidance, reach out today.