Privacy Policy

Preserving the security and privacy of your data.

We at Triumphant Logistics INC Transportation Company commit to protecting your information as if it were our own. We’ll never give your information to businesses or groups that you haven’t given permission to act on your behalf. We will never send you information without first getting your consent, and we will only gather the information required to serve you now and in the future.

What Types of Data Do We Gather?

You voluntarily provide us with the information we collect. Your general information enables us to create a website with greater functionality and content. Additionally, with your consent, we could occasionally let you know of news from Triumphant Logistics that you might find interesting. The data we gather in the Customer Tools section is pertinent to the application or service you have requested from us, such a pick-up request. In addition, just like with the general data, we’ll use the information you gave to keep improving our services and company as a whole.

Third Party Distribution of Information

We don’t routinely or formally share your information with companies or outside organizations. We will only provide information to an agent operating on your behalf in situations where we have your express consent to do so.

Distribution of Information within Triumphant Logistics INC

We shall share the general and specific information we gather within our business in order to carry out the tasks you have asked us to. In order to continue offering a service that is dependable, responsive, and efficient, individual data will also be combined and analyzed to understand consumer trends and requirements.

Choice and Consent

The more information we have about our consumers, the better we can serve you and give you goods and services that are truly valuable. You can always access our website as a volunteer information source. You always have a choice in terms of the resources you employ and the data you offer. Instead of simply asking questions for the sake of it, we do so because doing so will help us better serve and understand you.

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